Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So Exciting

So I have some very exciting news! I have officially started my "fashion journalism" job and have posted my first two articles.
I want all of you guys to read them and give me some feedback. All you have to do is read, and comment at the bottom. I should be posting 3-4 times a week so if you are that delighted you can subscribe to my page and get emails of when I update it:) By doing this, it is not only helping me make some $$$ but you can learn helpful tips yourself and find out what is going on "fashion-wise" is Mesa, AZ. Here are the links:

Fall fashion

Breast cancer awareness

Thank you everyone♥



  1. Congratulations Alyssa, I love it. I'll contact the rest of the gang out there and have them take a look. Grandma

  2. this is awesome girl! way to go