Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Negative vs Positive

Okay so today has just been "one of those days". Not to mention that Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week. Here are some "highlights" of my day.

- got a D on my math test
- got a D on my humanities test
- got my confirmation email back from my "birthday order" online and out of my 6 items only two were available.(okay so maybe that one is lame, but come on, I was excited)

+ My car was a foot away from getting a trash can, basketball hoop, and a wooden board smashed into it. (Yay my bad luck is turning around)
+ After looking for items to replace my unavailable ones I realized that the money used for those can now be used for a much much better thing! (hopefully)
+ Went to paradise with my mom
+ Went to the gym with my dad
+ Ate a home-made dinner with the fam
+ Spent time with my amazing boyfriend
+ Goldenspoon

Okay so after weighing out the good and the bad things about today my day doesn't seem so bad. Im just happy that today is over with and tomorrow is a new day! And best of all my birthday is in 4 days! Yay so excited♥


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