Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hell Week

It is only Tuesday, and I am exhausted already. I have spend the last two days non-stop studying for my two tests tomorrow! Ahh wish me luck. I think I will do great on them. I have spent the rest of my time studying for my math exam on Thursday, which I won't be studying for tomorrow :) Why you might ask? Two words. Wiz Concert. So stinkin' excited! I'll be sure to try and take some pictures to share! Tonight however, I took some time off and painted my nails with one of my new colors(I will share all my new polish colors on a post after this busy week!) and choreographed my two hip-hop dances for my class on Thursday and Friday. I feel acomplished! Looking forward to some much needed fun time tomorrow night!

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Have a fabulous rest of the week everyone!♥


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