Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day Festivities

Started my morning off teaching my 10:30 Zumba class which I look forward to every week. Since the elementary schools had today off I didn't have to teach my pom and cheer class. Hooray for a day off! Today my wonderful boyfriend had a baseball game in Coolidge. Where is Coolidge you might ask? Well it is located in the middle of nowhere, AZ. Seriously. There is really nothing around. I drove with Jeff's mom and sister Stephanie out there and all we could keep saying was "where do these people by groceries?!". Anyways, the game didn't go too well. They lost 8 to 2 but no worries, Jeff didn't pitch! He got a day off to rest his arm, so hopefully tomorrow he will. After we got back my family, Grandpa, and Jeff's family met for dinner at an amazing mexican restaurant, Tia Rosa's. Yum! I hope everyone had a great weekend and start to the week!



  1. Sounds like you had a pretty productive day! You did way more than me, at least. Haha! And I had no idea you taught a pom class! That's sounds like a lot of fun!

    As for Coolidge, I've been to a few places like that in Washington and totally know what you mean! But considering the lack of resources, I bet people down there grow their own food. :)


    1. Haha thats what we thought until we drove by a nursery and literally all the plants were dead... haha But yes maybe a greenhouse? haha And yes my pom and cheer class is so much fun the little girls crack me up! :)