Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stop To Smell The Flowers

Today I woke up at exactly 7:50 and left my house for school by 8:30 and didn't get home till 11:00pm. Although it was a long day, it was packed full of work and play. After school I met my amazing friend Heather for lunch at Sauce. I missed her so much and am so happy we met up! Hopefully our Tuesday lunch dates will become a regular habit. We are so similar its scary. Love her! After lunch, I headed to teach at one of my elementary schools. My adorable little pom and cheer girls learned how to do a kick-line today. {We won't talk about how I may or may not have pulled my groin... }. Anywho, following teaching I headed back to Scottsdale for Jeff's game. They won! And I was so happy my lovely friend Danielle could meet me at the game. For dinner Jeff and I grabbed Filiburtos {best fast food/authentic mexican food place ever I don't care what people say} and went to bible study. Such a good lesson on prayer taught by Ben. Now I am finally home in bed. Who knew not coming home all day could result so much exhaustion. However what I have learned from always being on the go, is being able to stop and smell the flowers. {not necessarily literally, however, the flowers from Jeff I received a week ago todays till look and smell amazing}. I mean things such as listening to music, enjoying quiet time while driving to your next destination, cherishing the company of a good friend etc. Focusing on the big picture of what has to get done can be overwhelming, don't forget the small things!


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