Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Treat Yourself Without Cheating

This morning I did my usual routine. Wake up, bathroom, turn on Pandora, and get ready. However, after getting ready, comes a very important part of my morning {like most people}, coffee. I have to have it. I am addicted. I normally switch off between making iced coffee and having it hot, and this morning {although it was freezing} I wanted iced. I have the most amazing trick to make your coffee so tasty and even more healthy because you better believe I don't drink my coffee black. I use a Keurig coffee maker and I'm pretty obsessed. You can make tea and hot chocolate in it as well. AMAZING. Okay, so first, I made the teacup serving of coffee. I use 3 packets of Splenda, and here is where the amazing-ness comes into play. Almond milk. Yes, almond milk. It's fabulous and seriously adds the best flavor to your coffee. Not to mention the consistency is similar to cream so it makes your coffee thick and gives it a sinful flavor that really isn't sinful for your body! The best part about using almond milk {for me} is it actually curbed my appetite until after my second class which is wonderful. Now my class doesn't have to hear my stomach's horrendous cries for food. Go try it ASAP! You won't be disappointed.


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