Sunday, March 10, 2013

How I Get My Sunless Tan

Since this week is my spring break {and I will be leaving for Mexico}, I decided to let you guys in on my ultimate favorite sunless tanner. I used to have a whole different out look on getting tan. Tanning beds and laying out were my favorite things, however, getting older has caused me to also become smarter about my skin's health. {I'm not going to lie I still love laying out when I'm on the beach but I always use sunscreen!} After trying multiple brands and types of self tanners from the store, I discovered the most amazing self tanner St. Tropez. I am not kidding when I say it is amazing. Seriously. It is a brown based tanner that gives you a natural looking tan without the sun. I purchased this at Sephora, along with an application mitt. St. Tropez makes a variety of self tanners but my favorite is the foaming mousse. To show you all how this tanner looks on me, I'll show a before and after picture from my outfits.
                                           {Before}                                                                                                                      {After}

As you guys can tell, it is a natural tan that isn't too drastic. That is my favorite aspect about this product because most tanners from the store leave your hands orange and your body streaky. No need to worry about that with St. Tropez. I totally recommend this to you guys and it is completely worth the money! I have had my same bottle since last year and there is still a ton in it. I hope you guys enjoyed my little rant about my favorite self tanner. Be safe this spring break and if your in the sun remember to use SPF!

***If you guys are interested on how I apply this tanner, check out my tutorial I did last summer {here}. 



  1. Ooo thank you!! How about the smell? Is it too self tanner ish? I will need some this year since I am all about sunscreen. Haha!

  2. This sounds great! I havnt ever been able to find a tanner that doesn't streak or stain in random places so I'm excited to try this! I was wondering though, do you apply any to your face? If so how do you go about doing it? Thanks a lot!

    1. I dont really apply it to my face!! But you should totally get it!!

  3. This sounds and looks great! I haven't ever been able to find a non professional spray that didn't streak or turn orange, so this is exciting. I was wondering though do you apply any to your face? If so how do you recommend doing it? Thanks so much!

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