Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Everyday Make-up Routine

Hey guys! Recently, I have changed my make-up routine a little and decided to share it with you. Since summer is coming soon and I have been in the sun more, my little freckles are starting to show again. When spring and summer rolls around, I always try and go lighter with my make-up because it gets so darn hot here in AZ plus I like the natural sun-kissed look. These products can be applied for light or full coverage.
1. Hard Candy Primer
2. Garnier BB Cream - Light/Medium
3. Maybelline Concealer
4. Bare Minerals Matte - Medium 
5. MAC Blush - Pink Swoon
6. Wet N' Wild bronzer
7. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
8. Elf eyebrow palet 
9. Elf eyelash curler 
10. Falsies Maybelline Mascara - Brownish Black

Maybelline "Born With It"
Rimmel Moisture Renew "Pink Chic" 
Revlon Matte "Nude Attitude"

This different make-up routine started purely because I ran out of my MAC Studio Fix and ended up finding almost a brand new container of Bare Minerals in my make-up drawer. I used to wear it all the time and drifted away from it for a while. I will keep you guys updated on how I like it! The bottom lip sticks are perfect to create a pinky-nude look. I also sometimes apply a mauve lip pencil before putting the lip stick on. And just an FYI for the "Nude Attitude" color...apply it sparingly. Its very pigmented and thick if applied like a normal lipstick. I blot it on the centers of my lips when I use it to create an illusion of fullness. I hope I gave you guys some ideas on different products to try or found it entertaining. I always love to see what other people use in their make-up routine. 



  1. we use the same mascara! i have the brown too and the black as well, and i like wearing the brown for daytime. i'm also going to try that BB cream now that you mentioned it--i was unsure of which one to try!


  2. The elf eyebrow palette is amazing!
    Cute blog!


  3. I love those lipstick colors! I might have to add them to my collection. xx. McKenna Lou
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  4. We literally use all the same makeups... must be a blonde thing!

    xx fox + gypsy