Saturday, March 9, 2013

Outfit Post: Cloudy Days

The past couple days have been rainy and I honestly haven't felt like getting ready {yesterday was a super lazy day}. I decided to get ready today and wear my Rolling Stones tank tonight for a date night with Jeff. I love the look of the flannel tied around my waist with the leather jacket and heels. There is something so chic about it!

high-waisted BDG jeans Urban Outfitters, tank Forever 21, flannel Old Navy, jacket H&M, shoes sheikh, bracelet Windsor Store, sunnies Buffalo Exchange, bag TJ-Maxx

I would love to know how you guys style casual attire with heels. I just love the effortless look of it. Let me know below:) Happy Saturday!



  1. Ok, so you're incredibly sassy. I channeled Angela Chase and wore a floral dress the other day and all I wanted to do was tie a plaid shirt around my waist, but I didn't think anyone would understand!

  2. love love the rocker tank paired with black skinnies and the leather, perfect with heels. i usually go for a sheer button up tank or blouse (either color blocked or some kind of print or plain if its a pretty color) with skinnies. that or a soft loose t. have a fun date night xo