Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY Earring Rack

This is one of the cutest (and organized) ways to display your earrings. One of my best friends Kylie gave me the idea after seeing one at Urban Outfitters for an outrageous price. She decided to make her own and it turned out perfectly! So I decided to make one myself. It is so simple and easy to embellish and make "you're own".

Step 1:
Get an old frame at an antique store, or maybe even find one in your house. I found mine in the backyard shed.

Step 2:
Then depending on your rooms color scheme, spray paint the frame accordingly. I painted mine black because all of my accent frames are black.

Step 3:
Pick out lace fabric that you want to use for the middle of the frame. I bought some remnant lace that was on sale at Walmart for $2. ( And I still have way over 1 yard left)

Step 4:
Next, after the paint has dried, take a staple gun and begin the staple the lace to the back of the frame, holding it taught as you go along. The tighter the lace the better, and more earrings you will be able to hold on you're frame.

Step 5:
Now you can begin putting you're earrings on and organizing them how you want! I just have mine leaning up against my wall. It makes it easier when you want to wear a pair. You can just take them off of the frame without any hassle.

***Some other ideas I thought of to customize your frame, other than painting it different colors, is using other colors of lace and other designs. Lace actually comes in many patterns. Mine has birds and a floral design on it. But you can always just purchase the basic lace design as well.

Well I hope you like this idea as much as me and Kylie do!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far!


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