Thursday, September 16, 2010


These two can brighten my day in a heartbeat

Thank goodness its Friday tomorrow! For some reason this week went by really fast for me but was also very difficult. I had so many little assignments that I am ready to just sit at home and do absolutely nothing but lay in bed and blog:) (sounds good right?!) Well this weekend should be fun though! Tomorrow I am sitting in on a Strength and Grow class with my hopefully "soon to be" employer :) yay! I'm definitely excited but tonight I have started to feel sick from my allergies and the last thing I want to do is wake up early. But I am so grateful for this opportunity and pray that I will get the job! It will definitely be a challenge considering it would be the strength and grow classes at the Montessori and private schools and also day cares. It would also be Pom and dance classes at the Multi generational center! But I am so excited about it! So I hope it works out!:) Saturday me and Jeff might possibly be going to the lake with a friend that just came in town! So hoping that works out! Then Sunday Jeff and I are chaperoning my brothers Homecoming group to Fossil Springs. I feel like that place never gets old. There is honestly so many different trails to take and things to see. Well it looks like I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but hopefully I can catch up on some sleep and start feeling better!

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