Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pin-Up Face

So I have found the "secret" to the pin up girl look. And I am going to show you how!

1. First apply primer for your foundation. I use Prime Time by Bare Vitamins.
2. Then put foundation on to get a smooth finish. I use Bare Minerals Matte Finish in Medium.

3. Next apply light bronzer and blush to the apples of your cheeks.

4. Then for the eyes apply a eyeshadow primer. I use Soft Ochre from MAC.

5. The next part is important. You want to use light matte brown colors to really make the final product on your eyes pop. I used three colors the all over color is from Bare Minerals called Pebble and the other colors are from a Mary Kay pallet. Just make sure you have a brown, darker brown, and a highlight color. Apply the dark in the crease of your lid and the outer corner. Then the highlight on the inner corner of the eye and brow. MAKE SURE TO BLEND. Use a blending brush to do this.

6. This step is key to making the look. I have always been scared of liquid liner, but don't be! Practice makes perfect! First draw a slanted line upwards and then straight across making a point like corner. Follow the line of the eye lid and come out a little creating the "wing" look. Don't be too dramatic or it will look like "stage" make-up. This will make you have the sleepy eye that makes the pin-up look so popular!

7. Use a black eyeshadow to press into the liner to keep it into place.

8. Then line the lower lid with black eyeliner. I use Smash Box in Midnight.

9. Apply mascara.

10. The trick to making your lips smooth is to dab the Soft Ochre primer on your lips to blend them in with your skin. Then apply a light red lip stain and a slightly tinted gloss.

Yay! That is how you get the perfect pin up look. You can have different variations by using a different color eyeshadows or lip stain.



  1. you. are. gorgeous.

    thanks for the tips!

    p.s. -- we use a lot of similar make-up products. random. :)

  2. awww thankyou! You are so sweet! I always try to find new products to use but I always end up back to my old faithfuls haha :)