Sunday, September 19, 2010

Past Pieces

So a couple of days ago I found an old "mustard seed" necklace.(The meaning behind that necklace will be at the bottom of the post) I had totally forgotten about where I had put it and was so excited to wear it. It made me remember all of my other old jewelry from my great-grandma, grandma and from my childhood. So when I got home tonight I went on a search, looking through all my old jewelry boxes that I seldom look through. Just to my luck I found so many new (old) things that I'm totally going to wear soon. I found necklaces, pendants, turquoise and diamond rings, bracelets, and tons of decorative pins.

So today Jeff and I took my brothers homecoming group to Fossil Springs and it was so fun! Except for the creepy hippy lady wearing some kind of 80's swimsuit. Oh and she was was a picture hog. Umm ew?

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