Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remember The Times..

Today was such an amazing day! Four words; I GOT A JOB! Woo! I know, so exciting. I am honestly so blessed to have gotten this opportunity! I get to teach elementary and junior high kids hip-hop and pom and cheer Monday through Friday! It has amazing pay and the company is great! I should be getting my finalized schedule in a couple days:) I hope I got all the schools and days I picked out! After all that good news, Jeff and I chauffeured my brother and part of his group to homecoming. it was so fun, but kind of sad because I realized I'm now too old for that. No more dress shopping and dressing up..maybe I will just do that sometime for fun..shh don't tell :) Jeff's mouth is feeling better slowly but his jaw really hurt today, however we did get to have dinner at Sauce and the mac-n-cheese was a yummy choice for him! Well tomorrow is FINALLY going to be somewhat of a relaxing day. I have been waiting a long time for a day I can actually sleep in. Yay! Tomorrow night my family and I are going to Glendale to go see Ballet Under the Stars. It is a performance by Ballet Arizona and it counts for an essay that is coming up in my Humanities class. Im trying to get ahead and write it before it is due so I don't have to worry about it! (smart, I know) Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys about Friday night! The cheering went great( even though I forgot some band dances) But it made me really miss pom in a way, but also made me happy that I have moved on. Well I hope that everyone's weekend is going great just like mine!


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