Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are You A "Tag Hag"?

Remember back in Jr. High/High school, when the coolest thing to have were name brand jeans {7 For Man Kind, Citizens of Humanity, ANYTHING Abercrombie and Hollister, True Religions, etc} well I have been examining my closet lately and I don't know if I have just gotten wiser with my jean choices {spending} or if "name brands" really don't mean anything to me anymore. I vote both of those! To be honest I don't think I would ever spend over $50 on a pair of jeans anymore let alone $250+. Call me crazy but I believe you can look just as "put together" in jeans/clothes from Target, Forever21, thrift stores, Walmart{yes I said Walmart}, Goodwill etc. According to Urban Dictionary you name brand people out there are classified as "tag hags"{haha}. Here are a few reasons why you should rid yourself of only buying name brand labels. {I don't mean stop completely...just LIMIT}

Name Brand Labels Are Pricey!

I don't have to tell you that name brands are expensive. They can be up to twice as much {even more most of the time} then clothing bought from an average store. I am not saying name brand labels are always expensive, you can hit some pretty awesome sales, but spending over $300 dollars on a Elizebth & James skirt {click here} that can easily be found at Forever21 is just outrageous.

Celebrities Wear Them, Why Can't I?

Well to start off, ummm they are celebrities?! They get payed millions for what they do, $300 is pocket change. I'm not saying don't look at celeb fashion, because I do it all the time! LOOK LOOK LOOK! You can get tons of "look-a-like" pieces from stores us normal folk can afford to shop at. {It doesn't mean you can't dream}
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Look At Your Body

"I wear only name brand because I think it makes me look better." REALITY CHECK! Um no it doesn't! You need to look at your body decide how to dress in order to flatter it. A Chanel hand bag isn't going to instantly make people say "OH MY GOSH SHE IS GORGEOUS"...yeah you get my point.

I have seriously known people who have looked down upon me because I shop at Forever21 {not to mention I worked there?!}. If you know how to put outfits together and know your style, name brands shouldn't matter. Period. What do you guys think? Are you a "tag hag" or are you a savvy shopper that is fine with ignoring the pricey labels? Comment below and tell me your opinion!



  1. I've had people look down on me for shopping at Forever 21 too! I did a post on this a long time ago and you know what? More expensive, name brand stuff isn't always good quality either!

  2. Yes I completely agree with you! Super random but back when Hollister was super popular, I remember spending like $30 on a t-shirt and the side seams would rip/get holes...Forever 21 is where its at!