Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY: Sea Spray

With summer rolling around the corner, it's time to get those beachy waves. Lately I've been searching for a good recipe for sea salt spray and with a little tweaking I came up with a perfect combination of ingredients. There are a few brands of hair products out there that sell great sprays but in my opinion they are all so expensive and all come in tiny bottles. Here is a cheap way to create your own sea spray.
Key Curling Ingredients
- Epsom Salt- this gives you that textured right out of the ocean feel
- Aloe Vera- is a great substitute for normal hair gel. Make sure you get the CLEAR aloe vera {we aren't trying to heal a sun burn here}
Optional Ingredients
- Moroccan Oil- You can use any conditioner/leave in conditioner/hair serum
- Fragrance- I didn't use one because I like the scent of the Moroccan oil but a few sprays of your favorite perfume would work great
I will post a DIY beachy waves tutorial as soon as possible to demonstrate how to use this lovely spray. Enjoy!


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