Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY: Painted Purse

I got the idea for the DIY painted purses from Mr. Kate! If you have never heard of her or her adorable youtube videos its time to check her out! Yesterday I promised I would post a DIY on how Brittney and I did our painted purses, so here it is!
{What you need: purses, paint in assorted colors, white paint, nail polish remover, cotton balls, paint brushes}

{wipe nail polish remover over the area on your purse you are going to paint}

{paint the area on your purse with white paint to ensure your colored paint will stand out}

{continue with the colored paint}

{Completed purses! Photo via Instagram}

This project was so much fun especially since we purchased both of these purses at the thrift store! {my purse was $1 and Brittney's was $4.99} Awesome! Happy Friday:)


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