Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tips For Shopping Vintage & Thrift

{jewelry found at Goodwill & Plato's Closet}

{Charlotte Russe heels $12}

{my Goodwill finds all for $35}

{orange tailored blazer + gold detailing}

{DIYable blouse by adding gold buttons}

Lately I have been mixing my fashionista skills with my frugalista skills and have proved to be very successful. I wanted to give you some easy tips to go by when shopping thrift stores, vintage shops and used clothing stores.

1. Don't go with something super specific in mind.
You can have an idea of what you want like jeans, a blazer, scarves, hats etc. but if you specify in your mind exactly what you expect to find, you may come out disappointed. Vintage and thrift shopping is like treasure hunting. You don't know where your "treasure" is, or in what shape or form, however, you are determined to find it.

2. Try things on!
I honestly don't look at the size on any item {unless shorts or jeans}. The orange blazer {pictured above} is a size 7-8 but was in the small section. I tried it on and loved it. Styles have changed over the years and maybe something that was meant to be form fitting can be worn loose now. Take the time to try things on.

3. Is anything DIYable?!
Always be on the lookout for something you can change/modify to enhance the pieces character or even create something new. The sunflower blouse {pictured above} is missing all its buttons but what a great DIY project right?! A few gold buttons will make for a unique spring/summery blouse. Jewelry is also has great potential for DIY's.

4. Dirty?
Most Goodwills and other used clothing stores are good with weeding out the nasty items that nobody wants to buy. However if you feel that an article of clothing is diry...wash it! Simple as that. Also if you purchase jewelry, alcohol can be used to sterilize it. {Example: earring posts}

5. Look for sales
Goodwill is a great place to go when trying to shop sales. They have a sale going almost everyday, whether it be every other Saturday 50% off or every Sunday is student day {25% off}. Look here for their whole calendar.

The most important thing to remember is keep an open mind. Learn to picture things in a different way. For example, using a long skirt as a dress or belting a baggy shirt for definition. I find so much satisfaction in finding something old and making it new. I hope you enjoy and find use in these 5 tips. I definitely think I narrowed down all the "shopping thrift" tips I have found around the net. These are the 5 tips I use every time I go thrift shopping. Happy thrifting!



  1. My favorite is the black chain necklace! Everything you got looks so fashionable/chic.

    I seriously feel like I don't have the patience to thrift shop. Props to you!


  2. Thank you!!! haha yes you definitely have to have patience to thrift!!!