Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY: Dip Dyed Extensions

I had so much fun doing this DIY, but I am by no means a professional hair dresser so all the coloring was done by simply following the directions on the packaging and experimenting.
1. Clip in hair extensions, foil, brushes & bowls, bleach, volume and pink hair color {any color can be used}
2. Mix volume and bleach together according to package directions
3. Brush bleach on extensions {I tried to make the bleach fade lighter as it went up}
4. Put foil on hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes
5. Wash bleach out, shampoo & condition
6. Blow dry & straighten {I added some moroccan oil also}
7. Apply pink hair dye {I wanted it to be pale so I make it darker at the ends and had it fade lighter, I also turned my brush sideways and feathered the color up so it wouldn't be a harsh line of pink}
8. For a pale pink, immediately wash color out after applying it. Blow dry and they are ready to be put in.

{*the bleach steps are optional. I already have blonde hair but I wanted the pink to pop more so I just bleached the ends of my blonde extensions a little more this step should be manditory for people with dark hair.}

I hope you guys like this DIY as much as I do. It adds a fun touch to my hair for summer that can easily be removed. Happy hair dying!


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