Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY: Succulent Terrarium

Yesterday I made my brother go to Home Depot with me to do some heavy lifting. I have been wanting to plant some succulents lately but since I don't want to leave them outside this is the perfect DIY to bring a little nature indoors.
Now I have a little living sanctuary on my desk to look at everyday. A little tip is to give these bad boys about 4 hours of sun a day. I will put it out in the kitchen for a couple of hours or I will put it by my window. The cacti don't need a lot of water so spray them sparingly and leave the glass lid off to let it air out. But it is hard to kill these plants thats why I went with them:) All different shaped glass containers can be used even mason jars. But make sure you use glass. That is how the sunlight gets to them {and it just looks super cool anyways}. This DIY in total cost under $25. The most expensive thing was the glass jar from Hobby Lobby for $12. The succulents were only $1.89 each. I had to stop myself from buying more because they all were awesome!!

PS Jeff comes home tonight and I am so excited!!!! They made it so far in the World Series and I'm so proud of him and the whole team. Way to go Chokes!!!


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