Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To: Natural Curls/Beachy Waves

Here is my how to natural curly hair post. I wear my hair natural all the time and since my "Sea Spray" post I have been using it all the time. Here is how you do it.
1. Start with wet hair
2. Products I use: Moroccan Oil, Jessi Curl products, DIY Sea Spray
3. Apply Moroccan Oil and Jessi Curl and use diffuser attachment on blow dryer
4. Diffuse hair until dry
5.&6. Use 3/4 in. curling iron {I know I said natural curls, but when you diffuse hair sometimes the top few pieces get straight in the process, so I just wrap a few pieces of hair around the curling iron. A tip to use when doing this is wrapping the hair around the curling iron while rotating the curl towards your face and away. It will make the curl look more natural mixed in with the rest of your hair.}
7. Finish by spraying on the Sea Spray and it will seriously boost all your curls, make it more texturized and give your hair more volume.
8. Leave your hair down or pin up the sides and you're good to go!

{Jessi Curl products are optional I just like how they work in my hair}

This tutorial is mainly for wavy or curly hair since you are using your base curl with the diffuser, however, straight haired people can do this same thing but rely fully on the curling iron and Sea Spray. Let me know if you try this!


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