Friday, September 28, 2012

Antique Finds

Today Ky and I went to a few Antique stores around town. I definitely wasn't planning on buying anything but of course when you aren't looking for anything specific, that is when you find the gems. I cannot believe how many good items I picked up today. Here is a picture {from my Instagram} of all my finds.
I am seriously so excited about my army jacket. I have been looking for one everywhere {specifically Goodwill, thrift stores and Saver's} and couldn't find one. This one is perfect because you can cinch it in on the side and also on the arms to make it less boxy for only $24. The second thing I found was the adorable brass/gold trash can for my room. It will match perfectly with my brass vanity and was $10. The second item I found was my freaking awesome Dooney and Bourke purse! Ahhhh I am completely obsessed with it. It is in perfect condition the leather is soft and looks like it was hardly worn. I didn't want to leave this behind because you never know if you are going to find anything like it again. Oh and it was on sale for $35. Yeah can't beat it. The last items I purchased were 4 necklaces for $7 dollars each. They are all gorgeous and completely my style. One is like a chain, one is just gold beads, another is chunkier gold beads with almost a gold leaf design on every other one and lastly a layered pearl necklace. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my antique finds and I'll talk to you tomorrow:)

PS Two of my friends told me today that they went to Old Navy to get the army cargo vest that I was wearing in this post and they didn't have it. If you guys like it and keep checking back and they still don't carry it, I found some others that are adorable from Ebay. {I actually was going to buy the second one but found the vest at Old Navy first. Here and here.