Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY: Simple Black & Gold Glitter Mani

I remember back in 7th grade when everyone had their nails painted black because it was the cool, hip thing to do. Well I guess I never got over that, because here I go 8 years later still loving a simple black mani. I changed it up a bit today though, and added a little gold glitter triangle on my ring finger. I think it bumps the classic black mani up a notch, all while making me feel a little more sophisticated while wearing black on my nails. Here is how I did it.
What you need:
Black nail polish {I'm using Sally Hansen}
Quick dry clear base/top coat
Gold glitter {from Michael's Craft Store}
Nail file
Small paint brush
Any other nail grooming tools you need {nail clippers, orange wood stick, etc.}

1. Cut tape into two small strips
2. Place on ring finger nail into a triangle shape
3. Swipe some clear nail polish on and sprinkle some glitter on the nail with the paint brush
4. Take tape off and you have a perfect glitter triangle
5. Finish mani with a base coat of clear, black polish and clear for the top coat.
6. Finished product!
This may be the simplest nail art imaginable. The tape really does the job for you and makes it look like you spent hours lining up the glitter in a triangle. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions contact me at sincerelytrulyscrumptious {at} hotmail {dot} com. :) Happy hump day!



  1. You always have great idea. Look really cute.

  2. love this, it came out so neat! I'll definitely be trying :) x

  3. Love the simplicity of this! can't wait to try!

    Xo, Rachel

  4. Ah that's so clever! I love the combination of black and gold, I need to try this...

    Julia x
    Carousel Secrets

  5. very chic and perfect for fall and winter! you make it seem pretty simple.