Monday, September 17, 2012

My Workout Routine

I have gotten asked what I do to work out before, so I decided to dedicate a whole post to my workout routine. {I recently quit teaching Zumba so here is my current workout routine} Almost a month ago, I started a running program on my iPhone called Personal Running Trainer. In 8 weeks I will be able to run a comfortable 5K and I am hoping to continue on to the 10K after. I totally recommend getting this app. The whole app is free but each program inside the app costs money. They have running programs from running a mile to running a marathon. The best part is, the guy telling you when to run or when to walk comes on over your music and you can set what ever playlist you want to play during your run. It's awesome. I also have been using another app on my phone very similar to the format of PRT, it's called Nike Training Club. I love their workouts but my favorite one is the sculpted arms workout. I try to do this one at least twice a week. Its only 15 minutes long, but it gets you dripping with sweat and I was sore for the next week. I'm not kidding. Here is my weekly workout schedule.

Monday- Running
Tuesday- Arms/elliptical
Wednesday- Running
*Thursday- Rest or arms/bike or arms/elliptical
Friday- Running
Saturday- Ballet
*Sunday- Rest or some type of cardio

*I take one day off a week, and it's usually either Thursdays or Sundays.

On the days I do the elliptical, I can only go after I finish school, so I like to burn as many calories as I ate that day already. So I normally eat around 120 calories for breakfast and around 200 for lunch so roughly {include whatever I have for a snack} I would burn at least 320-400 calories at the gym. It normally takes 30 minutes for me to burn 300, so I like to stay on for an hour while watching Law and Order SVU. Try it. It totally takes your mind of working out.

I hope this gave you a little motivation. I am always switching up what I do to workout because I'm always getting bored. I am in no way perfect or have a perfect body, but working out keeps me healthy and makes me feel good. "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't shoot their husbands" Thought I'd leave you with a Legally Blonde moment:) Happy exercising!



  1. I ALWAYS quote that line. Hahaha. This post makes me jealous. I can't run. I can't elliptical. I can't bike. I can't even WALK for exercise right now. I can do arms. That's about it. {Horrible knees. So far, 2 orthopedic surgeons say there isn't much to do to change that.} Gah. So ENJOY it!!!

  2. this is nice!!! I am starting insanity again. not because I've finished it, but because I quit so many times that I didn't get the results I was supposed to get!! I don't have too much time with college but I expect to make it through now! XOXO