Thursday, September 20, 2012

Old Navy Haul

Tonight I went to Old Navy to buy a sweater, and ended up leaving with a vest, trousers, wide-leg jeans and a striped shirt. {Oops}I saved $31.00 and spent $60. At first you may think that is a little high, but adding up all of these original prices, I really did save a lot of money. All of these pieces are perfect for fall/winter and can even carry into the spring. With classic pieces like this, I don't feel bad spending $$ on.
Army vest- $29.99
Chevron trousers- $6.99
Striped shirt- $7.99
Wide-leg jeans- $13.99

I am kind of obsessed with all 4 things. You definitely will be seeing these in outfit posts soon:) Happy Thursday!!


1 comment:

  1. Those chevron trousers are SOOO cute!$7 for realz??! I need to go shopping! Ha!