Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY: Funky Nails

Today I got super creative when giving myself a gel mani. Of course I didn't think about making a tutorial until after I here is a simple tutorial of how I did it!
What you need:
- I used my gel kit but this can easily be done with normal nail polish.
- Nail file & buffer
- Orange Wood stick
- Polish {I used Taupe & Sugar N' Spice and Everything Nice}
- Hole Reinforcements
- Crystals

1. For the thumb, I used the hole reinforcements to make the half circle shape.

2. The pointer finger was done by painting half of the nail with the pink color then using the orange wood stick for the dots.

3. For the middle finger, I painted a stripe of pink down the center, then used the tweezers to place the crystals. Make sure you paint the top coat of gel over it to hold it in place. I you are only using polish, use nail glue to make sure the crystals with stay.

4. I used the orange wood stick to trace an outline of a heart, then filled it in with the polish brush.

5. The pinky was simply painted pink.

Make sure to give your nails a final top coat {either gel or clear polish} to make your nail art last. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions be sure to contact me! {Link to my email is on the side of the page}