Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's With Millie: Bath Time

Hi guys! Millie here. Today I am going to walk you step by step through my bath time. It is pretty eventful so hold on tight and grab a towel because you may be in the splash zone!

 {My daddy sets up my towel. I would do this part but I'm not tall enough to reach the counter..}
 {Here comes the water...I don't like this part}
 {My daddy is nice and covers my eyes so I don't get water in them}
 {Uh oh, here comes the shampoo...I think that's what you humans call it}
 {Someone help me...}
 {This part gives me chicken legs...but my sissy says they are cute so it makes me feel better}
 {Almost done guys}
 {time to dry off!}
 {Get your ponchos out...}
{You've just been SOAKED}
{hehe I always like to play with my towel after}
 {Now it is time for treats because I was a good girl}
 {I can shake...}
{And I can stand like a human}
 {then I do my circle dance!!!}

Well I have to go outside because water mixed with all this excitement makes me have to peepee. Oops! See you all next week for more Millie fun! :) Bye!

{& Alyssa}


  1. im really liking your new layout--so clean!


  2. Ok this post is too cute!! It made me laugh. I love it!!!

  3. awe! so dear and adoreable! gotta love those pleading eyes!