Thursday, October 11, 2012

Outfit Post: Fancy Skulls

Tonight a big group of my friends are having a birthday dinner at a restaurant in Gilbert. I am excited to get everyone together and catch up. Here is what I am wearing tonight.
leggings H&M, skull blouse Love Culture, Michael Kors watch, ILY Couture bracelet, vintage pearls, sheikh shoes, TJ-Maxx bag

I found these heels at sheikh last weekend for only $10. I was so excited because I love heals right now that don't have a platform toe. Don't get me wrong I own platform heels, however I think heels without platforms flatter the leg so much more, and are almost like an extension of the leg. Just a little tip from your's truly. Hope you all have a great night! I'll post pictures of tonight's dinner tomorrow:)



  1. As usual, I love your outfit. I'm a huge fan of skulls (very McQueen of you), collars, and accessories. What I especially love about this post are your poses- you look so natural and comfortable! I'm working on being more "natural" in outfit posts (I'm too used to crummy Instagram mirror shots) so this is definitely a great guide. You're definitely rockin' the outfit head to toe... in the middle of that street. Hot stuff!


  2. Love skulls right, and those pants are killer! Hope you had a fab dinner, happy birthday again!!

  3. Cute outfit, love the pants x

  4. this is probably my favorite look you've ever worn....probably because it has skulls and is edgy :p Lol. but i love your leather leggings and the shoes are so cute! i need to hit up skeikh next time im home!