Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Updated Workout Tips

A couple weeks ago I did a workout routine post here and thought I would do an updated one, since my running program ends next week! I can't believe it has already been 8 weeks. I am a prime example of someone who hated running, started this program and now loves it. I may not be olympic status, but at least I feel good about myself after completing a run without stopping. I am not going to lie you have your ups and downs. Monday was a rough running day. I don't know if I was getting sick, allergies, if my body was tired or if getting my eyes dilated a couple hours before {bad idea} had anything to do with it but I could hardly run 20 minutes without feeling like I was dying and I was only half way done! {don't worry I worked up to that length of time!} Today I added around 5 more minutes to the total running time and was completely fine. You just have to keep pushing through and you can do it! Here are some tips I have discovered while doing this and want to share if anyone is trying to start running.
Adidas capris and bra top tank from Costco, Nike Free running shoes

1. Set a distance goal. For example, if you tell yourself "I am going to run from this stop light to the next stop light", it will {at least for me} push you to achieve your goal. It can even be "I'm running from this street light to the next" {that would be a great sprint workout by the way}.

2. Listen to music and set a playlist. I strongly believe in this one because music can pump you up and distract your brain from thinking about the run. I love creating new playlists before I workout because it freshens up your run. Your songs have a huge impact on how your run goes especially if you listen to the same songs, in the same order, every time. Thats boring!

3. Switch up your route. I have a set three mile route I like to run. I change it up by running it clockwise or counter clockwise. One way is up hill first, then down hill, then ends going up hill again. The other way is of course, the opposite. Changing it every so often is a nice change of scenery too.

4. Treadmill lover? I have recently found my love for running at the gym. I like using the treadmill at least once a week {Fridays} mostly because I have a weird OCD thing, and only like the run outside at night because it is way cooler at that time in AZ. Running at the gym helps me fit my run into my schedule on days when I'm doing something at night. So no excuses for skipping a day!

5. Crime and running. My love for Law and Order SVU, NCIS and Criminal Minds can help me out during my work out. Who knew?! When I run at the gym I love watching a show because it distracts you and again, changes things up from your usual music routine.

I hope some of those tips help you out. I am by no means an expert but thought these could possibly help turn a fellow running hater into a running lover! Happy workout!

PS Thank you all so much for all the sweet birthday wishes! All your comments mean so much to me!! :)



  1. Always nice to see a style blog with a splash of workout! Love these tips, as always just love reading your blog!!

    Xo, Rachel

  2. I love my Nike Frees! I have the 3.0 in a neon lime/yellow color and they seriously motivate me to workout. They're the best training shoes ever, I feel. I'm huge on setting a playlist. Heavy bass, fast beats, and strong vocals are what keep me going the extra mile when I'm ready to throw in the towel. Great post my dear(:


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  4. I tried a running program because I wanted to get into running, but have always depised it. Unlike you, I didn't finish & I still hate running. I'm more of an elliptical kind of girl. LOL. I may try it again soon though.


  5. That's so awesome that you've found a running program that you like! You go girl!!