Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday's With Millie: Haircut

Hi everybody, it's Millie again! Today was a special day because I got a hair cut. My beauty parlor comes to my house and grooms me every month...yeah I am kind of spoiled around here. My sister wanted to dress me up again today, I wasn't really feelin' it but we will get to that is what I am wearing today.
Alyssa says this dress resembles the whole peplum trend that is in for the fall, however it didn't really make me want to stay in it...
Apparently she caught me having a tantrum...I wanted out of that dress!!!
Unlike my sister, I can lose an inch off my waist in a couple hours after my hair cut. So with this bod, can you blame me for wanting to run around naked?
Well it's time for me to hide in my secret spot. I don't want the paparazzi catching a glimpse of my other secret spots...{hehe}. I hope you liked my post! See you next Monday:) Woof woof {bye!}

{& Alyssa}


  1. Omg, these pictures are adorable!!

    Xo, Rachel

  2. These photos are too cute. Making me laugh.

  3. Oh my goodness your pup is precious. Thank you for this haha. Love it.


  4. Happy belated birthday!! It sounds like you had an amazing day! And your outfit is so chic and stylish!