Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY: Fringe Necklace

I got the idea for this DIY from The Fashion Citizen Videos on Youtube. If you haven't seen them click here and check them out! They do a ton of DIY's and have tons thrift store finds they share on their videos. I decided to make one of their necklaces that they were inspired to make when they saw a necklace like this one for $10 at H&M. Definitely made this for less then $10 and it's super easy! I hope you guys like it!
- Flat leather cording {Hobby Lobby}
- Chain {Hobby Lobby}
- Cording tips {Hobby Lobby}
- Small jump rings {Hobby Lobby}
- Spring clasps {Hobby Lobby}
- Scissors
- Pliers
2. Measure a piece of chain {16"} for the base of the necklace
3. Attach jump rings to both ends of chain
4. Attach clasp
5. This is what the base necklace will look like
6. Measure a small piece of chain however long you want for the second layer of the necklace
7. Attach jump rings to both ends and attach second chain on the first chain
8. Cut pieces of leather and fold them over. Cut as many pieces as you want
9. Take cording tips
10. Fold leather over
11. Place leather inside cording tip
12. Use pliers and pinch the cording tip together
13. Attach jump ring to the cording tip and leather

If you end of making this super cute necklace, send me pictures and I will post them for all to see! Have a great Saturday!


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