Sunday, March 4, 2012

Outfit Post: Stripes & Savings

Considering I have not been shopping since before Christmas, I like to get creative with my clothes. I like mixing and matching pieces the "normal" person wouldn't think to put together. Saturday I went to Jeff's game and had to change at the gym after teaching. With the indecisive weather we have been having I never quite know what to wear to his games. So this is what I put together.

Dress- from a boutique on Mission Beach
Black burnout crop top- Forever21
Sandals- Cathy Jean
Necklace- Francescas
Feather earrings- handmade by me
Purse- Michael Kors tote
Watch- Michael Kors
Bracelets{not WWJD}- all handmade by me

Don't get discouraged if you think your wardrobe is drab or boring. Look at fashion blogs/Pinterest/Tumblr for inspiration and get creative! You will look adorable and save money at the same time!


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