Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outfit Post: Floral Shorts & Studded Chambray Shirt

Floral denim shorts- Forever21, chambray shirt- Forever21 {DIY studded shirt}, black lace top- Forever21, black feather belt- Buffalo Exchange, sunnies- Buffalo Exchange, shoes & bag- TJ-Maxx, necklace- Down East Basics, Michael Kors watch, assorted bracelets, diamond studs- Forever21

Today consisted of going to ballet, teaching, running by Walgreens to pick up some make-up {bronzer, concealer, mascara, brow pencil, make-up remover}, take two quizzes for my online class {100% on both yay!}, go to church, have dinner with my best friend Gillian and her handsome little boy Roman, went to K-mart {bought two adorable pairs of shoes and one pair was on sale for $7!}, Jeff got home from his baseball games in Thatcher so I saw him for a little, and now I'm finally relaxing. I have to teach tomorrow morning at 8:30 {like always} and sadly I always dread it. It's really been bothering me that I have to teach and literally start dreading it around Wednesday...this isn't normal. But I am the type of person that thinks they can handle everything, but reality check, I CAN'T! So I did myself a favor and told my boss I can't teach Sunday mornings anymore. It is such a relief knowing that I can have one day out of the whole week free. I can't wait!!! I hope you guys are having a really good weekend!


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