Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY: Make Your Own Cut-off Shorts

Since Summer is around the corner, cut-off shorts are becoming more and more popular. They are super easy to do and here is a DIY to show you just that. I used some high-waisted Levi shorts that I purchased last year at Vintage Blue Jean Buyer on Scottsdale Road. I have mentioned them before, but I adore their cute little shop. There are walls just filled with Vintage Levi's. AMAZING! They are super cheap too. I have purchased 3 pairs of shorts there so far for only $20 each. The owner even custom cuts, and distresses them for you for $5 extra. Can't beat it. The shorts I'm using are a little big {I lost some weight since last summer from teaching Zumba} and decided these would look cute as rolled slouchy shorts.
1. Jeans/long shorts
2. Scissors and a needle and thread if you plan on rolling yours {fabric scissors work best}
3. Use another pair of shorts that you like the length on for a guide line
4. Cut close to the other pair of shorts as possible
5. Continue with the other leg
6. Make sure both sides are even
7. Roll and sew to tack the sides down
8./9. Finished look!

Here are some tips you should follow when getting a pair of jeans/long shorts to cut:
- Make sure that the jeans you are trying to cut are not very tight on your leg or it will feel even tighter once you cut them into shorts {not flattering}
- Cut them longer at first then trim {You don't want to ruin your shorts and not be able to wear them}



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