Friday, March 16, 2012

Outfit Post: Tie Dye, Spikes, & Fringe & DIY: Tie Dye Fringe Shirts

DIY Tie dye shirt, Forever21 jeans, Sheikh studded wedges, DIY Fringe necklace {coming soon}, Michael Kors Watch, Diamond bracelets and rings by Made With Love By Alyssa, Target clutch
1. Fill bucket up with hot water {until shirts can be fully submerged}
2. Add packet of black Rit Dye
3. Stir
4. Tie rubber bands around chunks of fabric
5. Repeat until whole shirt is covered
6. The second technique I used is with a pencil
7. Fold fabric around it making pleats
8. Rubber band it to hold it in place
9. I repeated the same steps above with this one, but stacked the rubber bands on one chunk of fabric to create a different look
10. Put gloves on
11. Submerge shirts until they look black
12. Wring the shirts out and lay on towel to dry
13. Let air dry, put them in the washer on rinse, and dry them!
1. Lay shirt out. I used this shirt from Forever21 for a guide.
2. Cut strips in fabric, and STRETCH the fabric out. {Super important step}
3. Trim the bottom hem off
4. Cut neck off but leave seam for a clean finish {such a cool look compared to leaving it raw}
5. Cut in between the fabric at the hem for a more finished but detailed look.
6. Stretch the fabric
1. Lay out shirt
2. Cut off sleeves
3. Cut neckline as desired
4. Cut 3 strips of fabric in the shoulder of the shirt
5. Braid them together {repeat on back}
6. Knot the backs and fronts together
For the last picture I did the first shirt but cut the sleeves off for a cute fringed tank




  1. Your fringe necklace is amazing! I am loving all of these DIY posts you've been making. :)


  2. Thank you girly!! I know I've been addicted to DIY projects they are so much fun haha! :)