Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bargin Buys

Yesterday I went to Name Brand to check to see if any cute jeans had come in and, sure enough they did! After weeding through all the racks and trying on a few pairs I left the store with a pair of Seven capris( obsessed with capris lately) and a normal pair of Seven jeans. Both total were $60. Good deal right? I know. Anddd i couldn't resist the adorable earrings that were strategically placed by the register. My lucky day! Its usually a hit or miss when you go to stores like that, so it was a surprise that I found something so great!

Today I went to orientation at SCC and upon being somewhat bored, Jeff and I went to Sauce after for lunch:)
After I went swimming while Jeff was mowing the lawn and fell asleep. Oops. We went running again tonight for the 4th time and its beginning to get easier but my legs are so sore! Sadly, Jeff is leaving me tomorrow for Louisville, Kentucky to watch his friend and pitching coach(Dennis) pitch! I am going to miss him sooooo much but I'm sure I will find activities to keep me busy:)

Well anyways I better be getting to bed!


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