Friday, August 27, 2010

Post Pommie

Today Kylie and I went to watch pom and cheer perform at the triple assembly at Mountain View! Wow, it's so weird that I'm not on pom anymore, it feels like it was just yesterday! I'm actually really happy to have moved on to bigger and better things in my life but I will never forget the memories I made while being on pom. I definitely miss football games, the feeling of winning and knowing you did your best and just the feeling of actually being on a team . Well the homecoming game is coming up and all the old seniors from last year will get to come back and cheer! Uh oh better start remembering those dirt routines!

Well I'm off to bed! Our Prescott plans got canceled but Jeff and I our going to the Southwest Car Show Car Battle! It should be so fun! there is going to be a concert with Baby Bash, Cali Swag District, Mac 10, and YG. So excited!



  1. I love pom memories! I can't wait for the homecoming game so that we can all be together again, and catch up!