Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Goals

The summer is slipping away with only one more weekend left! So i figured I would make a list of some goals I plan on accomplishing before school starts!

1. Clean my room. Its getting there with all my frequent organizing rants but still not quite how I want it.

2. Finish my book I've started. I started Murder on the Orient Express, by one of my favorite authors Agatha Christie and its beginning to get really good.

3. Go make-up shopping. I need my bare minerals (best thing everrr) concealer that I always use! I'm out! And I am on a mission to find the perfect nude lipstick. Any suggestions?

4. Do a little online shopping.

5. Hang up pictures and wall hanging I've been meaning to do for about a week.

6. Find a new job! I have had a couple leads so maybe I will look into them further!

7. Get notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.. for school on the 23rd!

8. Finally finish a project on my sewing machine

9. Hopefully (after finishing my book) go to Barns and Nobel and snatch a few must reads for the fall

10. Make dinner for my amazing boyfriend and try to show off my cooking skills!

Well that is all for today I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!


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