Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Laying Out Working Out

This summer i decided that I would go to the gym and work out at least for 30 minutes everyday(minus one day a week to rest). So far i haven't been doing too bad, considering I through some Ballet classes in during the week(Tuesday and Saturday) to mix it up a bit! I have found that after working out and getting your work out done each morning is like a fresh start to your day. It makes me feel good and accomplished that i did something productive for myself. Definitely going to the gym by yourself can be a drag and usually alot harder for me to get out of bed and drive a half-a-mile down the street to the gym. So what better idea to go with a friend. Jeff is my regular gym buddy who I loveee going with:) Andddd Kylie just got a membership there so now I can go with her! Recently, Jeff got a letter from his baseball coach telling all the players to get ready for the fall season and to be ready for all the workouts ahead. So right away Jeff decided he should start running and being more hardcore with his workouts. So being the wonderful girlfriend I am, I decided to join with him! Every night,(even if i have already gone to the gym today) we go down to MVT's new track and do different running activities. Yesterday we did sprints on the football field and 100 yard sprints after. And boy was that a work out! Today we ran a half a mile straight then ran the straights and walked the curves. Right after walking our last curve, breathing hard we sprinted to the end to give ourselves that last push until we were done! I feel good to have worked and pushed myself and hopefully my endurance will progress after this two month commitment!

10 things you need to have a successful workout:

1. A positive attitude- Even if you don't have a positive outlook on yourself or your ability to workout(me) concentrate on the opposite and you are sure to feel great about yourself after trying your hardest

2. Cute, flirty work out attire- What girl doesn't like to dress to please? Well its a proven fact that if you enjoy putting on cute workout clothes with fun flirty colors, you are more likely to work out more and be more driven to do so! So go out and pick some sexy work out tops and shorts to match and you are sure to have a more rewarding workout!

3. ipod in hand- listening to your ipod can be your number one distraction in the midst of working out. Put some good "pump up" songs on you can jam out to while running or even just walking your dog!

4. Bring a friend- Bringing a friend to the gym or even just to run around the block can distract you and even help push yourself along while working out! And another plus is, talking while working out can help your breathing even out causing you to have better endurance!

5. Aim High- Make a goal that you would like to achieve. Whether it is losing 2 pounds at the end of the week or even trying to fit into those favorite jeans from last fall. Start small and work your way up to that "ultimate" you that you aim to be!

6. Hydrate yourself- Always bring a water bottle to work out. And right after you finish take small sips and after cooling down a bit you and gulp up the water like normal! This helps you get your body cooled off and breathing normally. Sometimes after gulping the water immediately after working out can cause tummy aches:(

7. Push yourself- Always go one step more, one more minute, even one more second helps your brain to think "wow I can do that again". And next time going that one more mile won't be as hard!

8. Find that special time- Finding a time to go work out everyday is a helpful tool because setting a time will make it less likely for you to forget to work out or get too busy and plan over it. By setting a strict time(mines in the morning) to go to the gym will help you get in and get out and let you get on with your day.

9. Don't get discouraged- I am the biggest hypocrite for saying this but when the going gets tough- keep going. Sometimes you can hit a platue in your weight loss and can be discouraging:( Change up your exercise and you will be sure to work through it!

10. Eat healthy- When most people hear those two words they automatically think "ugh that is going to be too hard" that is what i thought until I found out some easy ways to change your eating habits that won't affect your day to day life.
1. Whole grains- meaning no white flour. aka when going to get a sub ask for wheat bread instead of white
2. No sugar- Having no sugar is impossible just lower the intake and eat more sugar free things ( sugar free jello/pudding only 10 calories my favorite snack)
3. No soda- again reducing that amount of sugar will help lose weight fast. Drinking diet coke and other diet sodas are fine and can even make you feel more satisfied when eating.
4. Once a cheater always a cheater- set a specific day( Saturday night) as a day you can indulge and go out for ice cream or if your don't have a sweet tooth like me, go out for pizza! However as my mom always loves to tell me, "If you eat good throughout the day you always have room for dessert" So take it from my mother, cheating isn't always bad:)

These are the things I think about when I get down on myself about my appearance or just when i don't feel up for working out. It always helps for me so I hope it does the same for you!

Well time for bed!


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