Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do It Yourself Mani/Saturday Nights

I finally took my acrylic nails off today after having a fill on them. Usually when I get a fill I have them polish my nails just because I think it looks better. However, after years of getting my nails done, I have come to the realization that giving yourself a nice manicure with a cute colored polish looks just as nice! Normally I get frustrated trying to polish my nails with out getting the paint everywhere but the saying is true; "Slow and steady wins the race". As corny as it may sound, being slow and careful will guarantee a neatly polished mani! Here is what i did:

1. Scrape/scuff your nails up a little with a normal nail file. Round the edges and give your nails the shape you want them to be.

2. Use a conditioning board to smooth out the ridges on your nails.

3. Then use the shining board to make your nails shiny and soft.

4. But a ceramic/hard nail coat on your nails.

5. Apply a base coat to add strength and create a smooth area for the polish to go on.

6. Pick out a polish. I recommend OPI, China Glaze, Revlon, or Essie. Pretty much any nicer end or name brand nail polish will go on better and leave less streaks and clumps.

7. Finally apply a top coat and let dry and there you have it a perfectly polished (cheap) mani that looks as good as the salon:)

*The OPI color I'm wearing is called Lucky Lucky Lavender and the other color in the top picture is You Don't Know Jacques

Don't you just love the nights you can spend with your best friends!? I do! And considering Jeffrey is still gone in Louisville I was feeling a little lonely today:( But of course Jake and Kylie came to the rescue! I went to church then headed to sauce(one of my favorite restaurants) with my family, the Gobbells and Jake and Kylie. Debating on what to do tonight, Kylie and I went to Walmart and picked up some cupcake mix and ingredients to make Puppy Chow. Mmmm was it good! As you can see I've been in the baking mood lately and it's actually really fun! Spending time on a Saturday night just staying at home instead of going out is one of the most fun things to do! Its a change of pace from the normal routine. Well anyways, I can not wait till Jeff comes home tomorrow! Im going to pick him up at the airport tomorrow and I'm so excited! :)

Well anywayss I'm off to bed!



  1. you should buy mod about you by OPI, i think you'd like it!

  2. i need to give myself another mani. my pink polish is about halfway chipped off...

    sounds like a fun Saturday night!

  3. I'll definitely have to try it!

    And yes it was a very fun night!:)