Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Fades to Fall

As summer is winding down, many things are also beginning. School, cooler weather, sweaters, boots, trips up north, and of course my birthday! So even though I love summer, fall has got my heart also. So what is better then than getting organized and all ready for school and the new season by purchasing a few must need items! Here are a few necessities for school and the cooler weather to come:

1. Purchase a cute, organizer/planner! Its a fun way to keep track of assignments for school and playdates with the friends!

2. A laptop sleeve to protect your computer when you are going to school!

3. A durable purse that can double as a bookbag



4. A watch to stay on time!

Rubber diamond watch from Fransecas- $25

Micheal Kors- $195

5. Keep room organized!

- creates a better study environment
- more of a relaxing place to rest
- makes for a stress-free life

6. Get a camera to capture the memories!

All of these things plus manyyyy more different items can help you get a jumpstart with school and the new season coming around once again!


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