Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sushi Night

Tonight my amazing boyfriend Jeff and I went to RA's happy hour and ordered a few different rolls. Since Jeff all of a sudden started liking sushi, now we can go eat it whenever without making me feel bad:) If anybody has never tried sushi here are of a few that are a must have:

California Roll

Viva Las Vegas Roll

Philadelphia Roll
and if you are feeling dangerous...
Crazy Monkey Roll/Yellow Monkey Roll

YUM! Don't be intimidated by new things! All these are delicious:)

Well I have had a super lucky day today! I finally got my Wiz Khalifa tickets! And it all started when I went to subway and got a free cookie, then I went back to the table to find out the ticket guy gave us one extra! :) Andddd my job experience today went great! Now all I'm waiting on is an email back:) Well i hope everyone had just a wonderful of a day as me!


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