Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wanted Wallet

Tonight I went to Marshalls with my amazing boyfriend, Ky and Jake. Kylie had been cooped up in the house all day from getting her wisdom teeth out, so we wanted to go out and do something! After going out for sushi the other night, I saw Brittney's wallet and it was adorable! She said she got it at Marshalls so I thought I'd take a look! After searching through the wallet basket I found it! I just love it! And the best part about it, is that the front metal broach is actually a slot for your change to go. Ingenious right?

After, Marshalls we went over to Tempe Market place for some good ol' Mojo Frozen Yogart. Yummm! And of course had to stop by my favorite store, Barns and Nobel. Since it is back to school time, they had all their planers in the front of the store and I am still looking for mine for this school year so I definitely had my eye out for one! They had some really cute ones that I might have to go back and buy:)

Well thats all for now!


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