Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Favorites

So I have been on a search for the perfect book bag for school. (Yes, I am aware that school started two weeks ago but hey, at least I found one!) Lately, I have been using my nice bags for school. However, carrying heavy multiple heavy books around wears and tears on pricey bags that cannot be easily replaced! So I went searching and ended up at one of my favorite stores T J Maxx. This gorgeous bag has many pluses. The green color is a change of pace and can refresh any outfit (school colors :)), the fabric inside gives it a charming touch that is unique to other bags, it has to straps which is perfect for a day that your bag isn't as heavy, every one of Franco Sarto's bags come with a matching change purse and umbrella with its own storage pocket at the bottom of the bag( cool right?!), and with all the pockets and compartments it is sure to be durable and an organized bag for school!

For a couple weeks now, I have been looking for new shoes for the fall and also just a sassy pair of ankle sandals that doesn't hug my ankle. However, my main search has been for a cute pair of clogs. Now these aren't your 1990's grandma style clogs. They need to have a thick heal and embellishments to shnaze them up! So I ended up going to Ross and found just the thing!

only $20 and easily able to go with any fall outfit

My two pairs of ankle sandals happened to be a surprise. I found both of these on a random rack that wasn't even in my size area. So when searching at a clearance store be sure to search everywhere because sizes and styles may be mixed!

only $13.99

and $8.99

Anyways these things are going to be perfect with leggings, jeans, and a scarf to top it all off!
Well I'm off to bed!


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